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I am Alex the dog trainer and my dog is Szíriusz.

I have been a dog trainer for 10 years; I specialised and have a particular interest in helping and rehabilitating problematic dogs and their owners. I am not following any specific method, instead, I use all my learned knowledge and experiences to help my clients. I have hundreds of success stories and many references/feedbacks. I enjoy giving lectures, presentations, and public speaking about behaviour modification and other dog-related topics. Animal welfare and living in a balanced natural world are at the centre of my heart. I studied ethology at Cambridge Ethology Institute and respect and follow the work of Professor Roger Abrantes, who is a member of the International Canine Professional Hall of Fame.

My dog’s name is Szíriusz. She is a neutered husky-rottweiler cross who has been with me since she was 8 weeks old. Rather than competing in dog sports, we were helping other dogs (the not-so-lucky abandoned shelter dogs and the lucky ones, who had owners) and their people in rehabilitation, to allow them to become socialised, well-trained and happy dogs. We worked with numerous dog schools before starting our own career helping hundreds of people and their dogs. Szíriusz also worked as a therapy dog and during that time we visited many schools and institutes to help and support young, old, mentally and/or physically disabled people. She was winning playful agility and different activity games. She is doing nose work and she likes to find truffles.

Alex Ferenc Sándor
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Owners feedback

Alina – Shadow, Tasca, Bob

Alina – Shadow, Tasca, Bob

Alex and Sirius together are the dream team. Alex doesn't simply tell you what to do, he also explains why certain behaviours occur and why is it important to correct them.

Although may be painful to hear at the time, he will point out what you are doing incorrectly and what impact it has on your dog. His instructions and corrections (both towards the dogs and you) are very clear and you will see your dog transform right in front of your eye. With the knowledge you get from him, you will understand the dog's body language and communication, with that, a whole new world will open up. Sirius is also invaluable in the training, your dog will learn its limits and how to show respect to other dogs. I was lucky enough to learn from Alex and my young, under-socialised Romanian rescue from both, Sirius and Alex. You will need to put in the effort to have a great dog, but Alex will certainly guide you through it. It will deepen your bond with your dog and the time spent together will be enjoyable and memorable for all the right reasons.


Isti – Boris

Isti – Boris

What did I learn during our session and what did I like... It’s hard to summarise. First of all I have a ’problematic’ dog to start with. The problem doesn’t necessary arise from the dog itself or his behaviour but the prejudice against his breed. As you know I have an Amstaff. Thanks to the news, almost everybody is afraid of the breed. I don’t necessarily just mean the general public or other dog owners, but the trainers too. We were full of excitement at the beginning when we went from trainer to trainer, but our excitement quickly disappeared. Because as soon as they saw Boris they refused to train him. We faced all sorts of excuses. For example: fighting breeds are not allowed in, he is going to kill the other dogs during socialisation, his breed is uncontrollable, his killer nature will come out one day and he is going to slaughter the whole family, his breed is stupid and unable to learn, he can not be socialised because of his bad temperament, he should be kept on a chain. The funniest comment was that he is obese because he dared to reach 15kg when he was 4 months old and they are not going to train him unless he is going to lose some weight. These wore comments from actively working trainers. However there were positive examples too in Cerberos School. They were treating us normally there and in another school somewhere in Csepel, at the embankment of the Danube, I only didn’t understand why do we have to keep practicing the same things over and over again for days that the dog already executing beautifully. For example we went to school every Saturday and Sunday for a month and a half and we only learnt ’sit’ and ’come’...

You like dogs. Maybe it looks strange to start with this, but it really isn’t. Most trainers only see money and work when they see us and nothing more. What was most important to me that Boris accepted you the second he saw you and he was listening to you. He still knows what you thought him only once. I don’t have to keep practicing the same thing for weeks. He learnt it and that’s that.

You are open to every single question even if it’s a stupid one. I can ask anything and you don’t make me feel stupid, your answer contains everything you know but you still manage keep it simple so I can understand it.

You are always trying to help to deal with the main problem. We are not starting from Adam and Eve. I’m explaining a problem to you and we solve it straight away.

Szíriusz. He is a well trained, very helpful companion of yours. He helped a great deal by showing correct behaviour because Boris is copying other dogs’ behaviours. She was very cute paitently guiding him. And I left the most important to last.

Me. You thought me that it’s not Boris’ behaviour that’s incorrect, but mine. The dog is my reflection. He is going to be excited when I’m excited, if I’m angry he is going to be anxious or if i’m relaxed and I trust him then he wants to please me by obeying me. It wasn’t him that you have to/had to train but me. I would like to say a huge thank you for it. It turned out I made many mistakes at the beginning when training him, luckily all could be corrected, and all four of us sterted to use the correct training. :)

I could write about a lot more other things, like energy level, small signs we have to pay attention to, being consistent or the funniest, freedom under control... :) Thank you so much for teaching us!


Lilla and Gergő – Effi

Lilla and Gergő – Effi

We took part in a perfect session with Alex in a very good atmosphere. Our dog seemed to have changed between the morning meeting and the afternoon goodbye. We have been enriched with a lot of useful advice and practical techniques. My favorite part of the session was when the dog learned that he had nowhere to go near the rabbit's cage. Thank you for everything! The walk also goes really well. The barking on the street has reduced to 1-1 times a day and is not nearly as intense as before.

Andrea and Noa – Lucy

Andrea and Noa – Lucy

I would write you a few lines in reverse chronological order, but I'll start by saying that it's very difficult to put into words what's inside me, but I may write what's inside us!

Lucy, Noa and I went for a walk today. We deliberately walked the route that you did, and we didn't miss Para Street, where there are many dogs - it's true, today we walked on the driveway and not on the sidewalk. But! The difference is huge, even though I know we are at the beginning of the road. We have to practice the loose leash a lot, but his reaction to other dogs (although I would rather write it as our reaction) is as different as chalk and cheese. We visited the cute border yesterday and everything was fine today as well! As we continued walking from there, however, we had an adventure, because a large dog came without a leash, although he had no aggressive intentions, he just wanted to get to know us, but he didn't listen to his master for a minute. Within a few seconds, he was almost in Lucy's ass, and even though I asked him to call him back, he didn't (he couldn't)... but we handled the situation very well.

The walk was much easier than before (and I also mean the time before the attack)
...and then about yesterday: I honestly couldn't even imagine how it would go. I was under quite a bit of stress even though I knew a lot about you and Sirius... if someone tells me that they will be near each other within max. 1 hour, what is more Lucy accepts without saying (barking) a word that she will come to our apartment and... I think I'll put the lottery prize on that, I couldn't believe it...

Your patience, yet determination and empathy, I read my notes, listen to the material, and I even know that we are at the beginning of the journey, but what I received is priceless, because you showed me the way.

As you said, trust - now in myself, respect - to dare to be decisive.
I received an itinerary with which I can start, so that you paid attention to us here in our own environment and did not push templates on us.

To be continued, thank you very much for believing in us,


Brigi and Peter – Ramen

Brigi and Peter – Ramen

We visited Alex with a terrified dog at our side, with countless questions about how to settle our relationship with our new family member.
Alex was attentive to us, mapping the situation with many questions and putting us in real situations. During the session, he constantly explained what he had experienced, and shared a lot of information with us so that we could understand why it was happening, how to handle certain situations, and how to consciously build our relationship with our dog. Every of his word is worth gold! Already during the session, we experienced a significant change in ourselves and the dog. Alex is not only a great professional who understands dogs, but he was also understanding, patient, kind and maximally supportive of us owners. Thank you very much!

What I liked about working with Alex was that he tried his best to understand our dog Ramen and us. It was not only the problem itself that was important, but also us owners. He listened to what our plan was and how we wanted to do it with our dog. It was a very intense morning that we spent together and with his help we were able to face first our own limits and then the possibilities inherent in Ramen. What was particularly exciting was that he helped not only in what to do, but also in how to give each other feedback and help each other like dog owners. This is an amazing opportunity for us to move forward.

Brigi and Peter

Barbi – Léna & Scott

Barbi – Léna és Scott

I tried to pay attention to what you said, loose leash, relaxed body. ’Unfortunately’ practicing these went really well today. I don’t know if both of them behaved outstandingly today because they sensed that I’m very upset or because they were still under the influence of what they learnt yesterday. He was on a long lead when we went to the park and there wasn’t any problem. He was pulling on the way there but after using your method he was walking right next to me as he should. Lena did the same. :)

I learnt a lot from you during our session, I have to make sure I’m not treating the dogs like a human being. Since then even Lena is more confident, she is not pulling, she is paying attention to me and realised there is a change. I told her a few time she is not allowed on the sofa and she spends about 80% of her time in her bed so I finally can enjoy the whole sofa. :)

All three of us slept together on Thursday night in the same room. Scott didn’t want to screw Lena and they were fine with each other. They were both lying in their own beds while I was enjoying the big space on the sofa. :) I can’t pinpoint out one particular part of the session that I found the most useful, because all the little details made it whole. :)

I’m very grateful to destiny for letting me meet with you and for all your help.
I’m very thankful for all your hard work, even if it only worked for a short period but it was still useful.
I told Zsanett too that you are a gem.

Kind regards,
Kiss Barbi & Léna & Scott :)

Fanni and Toma – Taco & Lujzi

Fanni and Toma – Taco and Lujzi

Thank you very much for today's training, I think it was incredibly useful - so far in theory and slowly in practice. Lujzi and I entered the house as you showed us. Perhaps the biggest take away for me is that you have to communicate with dogs in a different way and that body language is much more important than I thought. In theory, I really liked that you explained this to us and that it was important to you that we understand this. From the practical side, Lujzi and I would like to continue to practice not eating the reward wall, the order of the pack at the door, come here, choosing your own part... There is room for improvement. I think one of the most important things is eye contact, so the bad bone pays full attention to us. The other thing I learned is the timing and order of rewards - so we can show him right away if something is good or bad, so that he also understands. The biggest realization for me was how much I don't know about dog training, so it was good to see what it looks like and finally see what conscious dog training is based on. If one thing needs to be highlighted, it was the illustration when you showed that Lujzi knows that you know that he knows, ergo, what dogs perceive from human communication and how they react to this with their body language/behavior. Overall, this session highlighted the fact that even with Lujzi (and Taco), we have to take a completely different approach in order to earn respect for ourselves and be the leaders.

Overall, thank you very much for your help!

Fanni and Toma

Anna and Fabian – Odin

Anna and Fabian - Odin

We were also very happy, we talked things over with Fabian and what we filtered. We learned a lot and turned out that this meeting was more important than we thought.
Thank you very much once more!

Anna and Fabian

Csilla and Dénes – Menyhért

Csilla and Dénes – Menyhért

Alex explained everything to us really well, ha gave countless practical advices and he also demonstrated those, this was very explanatory. The two dogs became as calm as sheep following the flock with Alex, who managed to bring out behaviours we didn’t even dare to dream of. Tofi was the one rather than Menyus, who managed to learn quicker what is expected of him during walks, but he is the calmer one anyway. We couldn’t believe our eyes how much calmer Menyus got with Alex. The barking, screaming, pulling dog became a relaxed one when walking on the lead right next to or right behind it’s handler. Seeing how much Alex achieved in such a short period of time gave our hope back that carrying on with the training with Menyus will result in him walking nicely on the lead and he will be an obedient and happy dog.

Our most important task is to stop their automatic reflexes, they won’t necessarily be taken out for a walk when they hear the keys jingling, when we are getting our coats on or when they see the lead or collar... well, we will have to practice these a lot more so they can stay calm. 😊 A relaxed dog is a good dog – this is our aim. The road showed by Alex won’t be easy, sometimes we have to be a bit harsher with our dogs which we are finding a bit hard to do, but it’s for everyone’s benefit.

All in all we are happy with the amount of information and knowledge received, it was a lot to take in in one go but it’s very comforting to know that we can call Alex when we need his help. The handling advices shown in practice sank in better and I had more success with these exercises because I already completed them with Alex. I really liked that Alex brought out the hidden behaviours in our dogs, we learnt they have a completely different side to them. Alex said the dogs know everything, we just have to learn to bring it out. Well, I can only support this, everything is depending on how we are handling situations because he proved it in front of our eyes that it is possible. There was another important lesson we learnt, we have to start thinking like a dog and communicate it with the dog that we know he understood what we are expecting from him.

We would like to say thank you for spending your valuable time with us to teach us and our dogs. We are more complete with this knowledge and we hope we will be able use everything we learnt from you with success.

Csilla and Dénes

Szilvi – Felix, Luca

Szilvi – Felix, Luca

I don't expect that I will remember many things, because my head will explode, the memories and events of the education I experienced still swirling in it.
What did I like??? Well EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))
I marveled and stared in amazement ;)
It would be deceiving if I didn't know that it's not as easy as it looks :DDD
I will try, that's for sure, because I really want to, but if it doesn't work, I'll scream for help. I noticed that since then they seem to be playing more (peaceful wrestling) than before... Thank you for coming so soon, I hope I can tell you about a positive change instantly!


Hajni, Ádám – Odin

We are very grateful to you for visiting us and for sharing so much useful information. Everything you told us were pretty much new to us and we realised that we’ve done almost everything wrong. You told us a lot of new things and we found them all very useful.

What we also found incredibly useful is that we have to differentiate between tasks and rules. We implemented rules in the house that we are using every single day and Odin started to take them in. One of my favourite was when you showed us how to teach him ’leave’ or when he started to bark and you stopped it within seconds, which we are practicing the same way as you did and he is getting better at it. I still have to work on my facial expression so he will take me seriously. The way you communicated with Odin was our absolute favourite and you thought us a great deal when you explained why certain things are happening.

We are practicing with him the same way you thought us, 5-10 mins practice after exercising so he gets a bit tired. We are aiming to exercise him both physically and mentally. We are only giving him his food after he obeyed a command which seems to motivate him. When we are outside we are waiting for the perfect moment to stop him when he is trying to pick something up that we don’t want him to. We are trying to perfect our timing to stop this happening. When he is only sniffing at a poop withouth trying to pick it up, we are praising him as you said. Our homework is to practice ’eye contact’ and timing the way you showed us. Also we are saying ’come’ as soon as he started walking towards us and when he gets there we are praising him. We are practicing ’leave’ with one of his toy dog, if we started the game then we are the ones finishing it and we are stopping it when he is enjoying the game the most. After you left we realised we have a loads of new questions so we would like to invite you around again to discuss these if you will have the time.

Hajni, Ádám

Csilla – Mika & Oreo

Csilla – Mika and Oreo

Oreo and Mika are two husky mixed dogs that we adopted from a dog pound. Those who know the breed know that they are smart, mobile animals with a special personality. They learned a lot and developed in the 3 months since they have been with us, but the real breakthrough was brought to us by Alex. Mika spent a long weekend with him, and then we learned the most important information in a session. Alex has amazing experience, he finds a solution in every situation. It was very surprising how Mika learned to make eye contact and how well he took our cues. What did I like the most? The way you control the dog with sounds. I really want to learn this :) And how the same dog is a completely different dog to you than to me.


Máté – Gaia

Máté – Gaia

First of all, thank you for the session! What I liked the most was that I saw you react to the dogs' behavior several times, it confirmed how I would handle the given situation, or even taught me what I did/would do wrong. Although I don't feel completely ready yet to handle a problematic dog, I received the information on what I need to work on in order to succeed. I think today's walk and work in the apartment were the most useful exercises, in addition to the advices, it was also good to see how you react to situations and how you behave with Gaia. Overall, it gave me strength, because I didn't fully understand dogs - I thought it was some kind of special, super ability - but now I think that you can treat/educate a dog like an "average person" so that it becomes a balanced and happy dog! I'll probably have more questions, and I am glad that I can contact you later!


Regina Balazs, Balu – Molly

Regina Balazs, Balu – Molly

What we thought was the most useful (other than EVERYTHING)
It was painful, but useful to face the fact that I’m at the very bottom of Molly’s hierarchy and it is very important that I change this...

The game we practiced with Alina showed how well one’s intention can be sensed and how important it is to get it right + we have to pay attention to metacommunication and body language. I really liked that you draw our attention to the fact that if we started something then we have to follow it through otherwise we will lose our credibility with Molly.

Thank you so much for today’s session, we found it incredibly useful even though we know we have lots of work on our hands, we feel more prepared and we will be more confident in a lot of cases – we may not going to get things right at first but at least we will know what we did wrong and what is our aim to achieve. :)
We will certainly keep you posted, hopefully with good news!

Balu and Regi

Mimi – Mano

Mimi – Mano

How did Alex become the Wizard? My dog Mano and I first met him more than a year ago. The weather was nice outside, so the front door was left open. Alex came in. Sirius, his own dog, was left outside... Mano started barking wildly and lunged towards him. I tried to hold him back while Alex said "Let it for me, I will handle..." Within about 2 seconds Mano was sitting in front of him like a statue and wasn't barking anymore. A few minutes later, Alex called for Sirius and Mano immediately lunged towards him and she stood still. Again, after a few minutes, Alex said to her "Why don't you bark back?" To which Sirius growled in a deep voice saying: Woof, woof, woof. Mano once again became a statue. Then we started walking back inside. A ball of love for Mano laid in Alex's path and he picked it up, drew a line in the air where my dog was and also stayed behind; and then he went on playing fetch with Sirius. That went on for about 5 minutes. Mano, however, sharpened her nails on the marble floor while remaining in her place. Then, the Wizard pulled his hand back in the air, and then Mano happily ran out of his previous place. And that is how Alex became the Wizard! On our first meeting, he was able to mesmerize my mischievous, young, highly energetic and barking dog. He has been the Wizard ever since.


Rita, Viki – Igor and Python

Rita, Viki – Igor and Python

What I really liked is seeing how much the dogs can change when they are in the right hands. It was a great feeling to experience how well they can walk right next to me. We are still practicing with them…

Thank you so much once again for today, it was a very effective and progressive few hours. Their behaviour is completely different since then… :)

On the one hand we were surprised how much we misunderstood their behaviour, on the other hand we are now hopeful that we can change this… We are trying to see them as they truly are and straight away a loads of tiny things fell into place.

Thank you so much once again for your help, we are going to keep you posted about the changes! :)

Best wishes,
Rita, Viki

Richard Szep – Pablo

Richard Szep – Pablo

First of all I would like to thank you for the session. Armed with the loads of new information I can battle with Pablo’s stubbornness more effectively, so we can live a more comfortable and happier life together in the future.

What I liked the most during the session is that I saw how well Pablo can be controlled, the methods you showed me were very persuasive and you gave me tools which I can hopefully use as well…

Rich Szep

Robert Czifra – Csocsoszan, Daikicsi, Mira

Robert Czifra – Csocsoszan, Daikicsi, Mira

I loved what I saw, the way you handle dogs, talk to and about them shows that you do this out of love…

As Robi said we really liked your love and professionalism towards dogs. It was good that finally we got answers to all of our questions.

We would like to thank you for your help and involvement. I will count on you in the future too! :)
With best wishes,
Robi and his family

Zsuzsanna Biro Hanna – Zelma

Zsuzsanna Biro Hanna – Zelma

First of all I would like to thank you for your quick and accommodating availability and that you brought your amazing dog as well, without her help I couldn’t have experienced the important part of the session. A well controlled dog is balanced, happy, self-confident and obedient, which in return effects the owner’s self-esteem. This was the most important thing that I have learnt this afternoon and of course, as we talked about it at the end of the session, we can grow together with the dog.


Szonja Vingender – Boston

Szonja Vingender – Boston

What I liked the most in the session on a theory level is that we have to learn to control the dog mentally and you also demonstrated this.
People are saying, writing or showing a loads of things in a video that are although good, but can’t be implemented into reality. The things you said and showed with examples can be implemented…

This is very important to me, because even though I’m watching Cesar Millan’s videos and his techniques sound and look amazing, I still don’t know how should I carry them out. And there is no answer. Of course I have to figure it out on my own what our communication should be like but I still need guidance to start.
So thank you so much, I hope we will keep progressing. :)


Tarissa – Bruno

Tarissa – Bruno

Very interesting to see, how easy it can work when someone just does it. That's impressive. The best part is difficult to say, but I think the most experience was for me in my flat and he (Bruno) changed completely with you. That was cool!


Judit Szabó

Szabó Judit

What I think is that by being consistent and teaching and enforcing reasonable limits, he is gently raising Sirius. I've seen her grow up since she was a puppy. His dog is well-educated - often understanding a single glance without words - makes him exceptional in my eyes. A beautiful example of belonging to each other.


Csilla, Kristóf – Rozi

Csilla, Kristóf  – Rozi

We liked the scientific, detailed approach. We made notes.
Communication – between humans and related to the dog.
Watch her reactions – when did she understand what we are obtaining from her.
Good timing.
Positive reinforcement really important!
Practical advices.
Drain her energy both physically and mentally.
What I liked the most is that you helped me to understand how my dog is communicating (ie. How will I know that she understood the command and accepted the fact she needs to obey it). It was good you brought Szíriusz along, it was motivational to see how well controlled a dog can be, that’s why it’s worth to keep practicing a lot with Rozi too. What we are practicing at the moment is that Rozi is only allowed to enter the living room or get up on the sofa when called and not when she wants to, also not to start barking when she sees another dog. Thank you!

Csilla, Kristóf

Kata – Husi

Kata – Husi

What did you like about today's meeting? The fact that, after the initial confusion, I finally got home with a clear head. I was given guidance so that we could improve further. That I could get to know the dog from another side as well as my own reactions in problematic situations. It was a motivating meeting, thank you for the help and everything, I will try to make good use of it in practice. 🙂 That was great, spectacular progress for the first time. I will report back with developments, I think we are on track. 😊
Thanks for everything! 🙂


Nora – Cloe

Nora – Cloe

What I liked: it was interesting to observe the behavior of the dogs among themselves. We saw how receptive our dog can be. : ) The explanations of why the dog does what it does. That we had the opportunity to practice and analyze what we are doing wrong, what we should change. What we have to practice: everything from the tasks. :) In general, to act decisively and to make our body language coherent with what we say.
Thank You!!


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Alex Ferenc Sándor
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Photo by Melinda Juhász

Alex and Szíriusz